The LPQ System Works


Owning and running Childcare-Daycare is rewarding, fulfilling, and a joyful job! The passion you have for children is what most likely drew you to the early childhood field; what you might not have expected is all the hats one person has to wear. 


Those jobs can get exhausting and cause burn out. You have come to the right place and taken the first steps to a less exhausting you and high performing childcare. 


I have been in the childcare industry for over 25 years, and one of my greatest strengths is problem-solving, which has allowed me to create a system for just about anything. Three things make up an extraordinary program: 


1. Good leadership/ culture 

2. Devoted, passionate staff 

3. Systems. 


 Using a reliable system to create a great culture and retain quality staff comes back to systems. That’s where childcare solutions come in! I have created a system for almost everything. Why reinvent the wheel? Let us help you get those systems into place. 


One of the most important things to have when it comes to quality child care is the staff you employ and the staff you keep. 

Your employees affect marketing, money, joy, income, and so much more. Motivation and retention of staff may not show on your finances, but unmotivated staff can be one of the biggest profit killers in your company.


Your willingness to stand


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Enrollment Your willingness to stand out as the community's

 child care program of choice is essential for you to be able to bring in enrollments.

We take a holistic approach to fill all your

open spaces and look at marketing tactics along 

with the changes, you need to make sales authentic in your child care program without feeling the pressure that can overwhelm you.